+ With the reformation of the Global Dominion, we have marked certain items as illegal and added functionality to detect these items.
  • A new scanner has been added to the game. This augmentation will allow players to view the number of illegal items and weapons in another player's inventory. If a member of the Global Dominion performs the scan, it will give PP for illegal items and tell them the total PP of the target.
  • Drugs are now considered illegal items, and can no longer be placed on the markets.
  • Stun weapons are now marked as illegal for non-GD personnel.

- Fixed a bug with the Global Dominion's auto-accept application feature.
- Fixed several bugs that could cause faction members to have the wrong badge.
- Fixed a bug with the error prompt for attempting to arrest without the proper faction permission.
- Fixed a bug with the rank coloring in Global Dominion chat.


+ Explosive Charges are now illegal items.

- Fixed a bug that caused ranks created beyond the 16th rank to have permission errors.
- Fixed a bug that would cause personal turrets to be counted as territory objects and drain electricity.
- Fixed a bug that would cause prisoners to lose their mining tool after logging out of the game.