+ We have made a handful of changes related to the Global Dominion:
  • Dolly Incorporated has been removed, and all features previously associated with it now belong to the Global Dominion.
  • Applications for the Global Dominion will now be automatically accepted.
  • Increased the number of prisoners that the prisons may hold.
  • Territory Turret placement on DMC has been limited to Gamemasters only.
  • Territory Turrets on DeMorgan's Castle may no longer be destroyed. Instead, after taking enough damage, they will be disabled for 10 minutes while they re-initialize.
+ Doubled the destruction damage of all weapons.
+ To add further value to the premium subscriptions, we have made the following changes:
  • Increased the daily login bonus to 5000 UC, and added a 500 UC login bonus for other accounts.
  • Doubled the amount of UC per alien that premium players receive. This however, does not raise the daily earnings cap.
  • Increased the premium cloning speed bonus from 10% to 30%.
  • When a premium player opens a lock box, it will now act as if they opened two different boxes of the same type, giving twice as much value to their keys.

- Fixed a bug that caused rank name changes to be lost on server restarts.