+ Re-implemented the ability for players to roleplay.
+ With the creation of the new "Global Dominion" the following changes have been made:
  • Non-GD factions may no longer place goals on the prison services. Existing owners have had their ownership revoked.
  • Increased the prison bail cost to 10x the prisoner's current penalty points.
  • Restricted the LED and FDC clothing sets to LED, FDC, and GD factions.
+ Responding to feedback, we have made a few more changes to combat:
  • Decreased the price of medikits by 25%.
  • Increased the health regen of the resistance implant to 1.6%
+ To increase the difficulty of maintaining a faction, we have made the following changes:
  • Members will now be automatically removed from the faction if they do not log in for a week. (This excludes the leader)
  • After falling below the minimum requirement, factions will now be made "pending" again.
+ Doubled the turret initialization timers.
+ Implemented a requirement that all new players create their characters with both a first and a last name.
+ Added a compass to the crosshair.

- Fixed a bug with the tooltip for stamina displaying 1% instead of 100%.
- Fixed a display bug with the generic faction badge.


+ Added an interface toggle option for the compass.
+ Decreased the resistance implant's healing to 0.8%.

- Fixed a bug that caused high command chat to be invisible.
- Fixed a handful of bugs related to the display and function of the GD faction.