Hello everyone!

Today's patch will be the first of many aimed at increasing the skill ceiling in combat. While the other suggestions have not been ignored, we have opted to focus on making the core gameplay experience better before adding new mechanics.

+ We have reduced all weapon damage by roughly 40%. This brings it much closer to what it was during Closed Beta. With the medical item buffs given previously to compensate for the faster combat, we feel this is a good starting point for further changes.
+ All of the combat skills have been removed and the time invested into them refunded. This includes medical skills, armor skills, and weapon skills. Like the above, this was meant to put us in a better place immediately, from which we can continue to grow.

- A small visual bug was causing territory income to show up as world service income. This was causing both the blank entries in the transaction log, and the "prison" on Pegasi 51.