Hello Everyone,

We know it's been a long time since we have touched base on the Community Driven Development initiative, but here we are now! <3

We spent a while going through the suggestions and pulled out the ones that stood out the most in votes and what could be done at this time. They have been moved here. All of their vote counts have been reset as have their priorities. The goal is to gather more feedback on these ideas so they can be fully fleshed out so that we can best implement them how the community would like. We will be taking part in these discussions to help explain what is and isn't feasible (and why) on a case by case basis as such things are mentioned in hopes to clarify things.

At the end of it (based on the discussions & votes) we will either implement it or place it on hold / rejected status.

Please note that this does not mean that all other suggestions are out of the question, this is just the first wave. Many of the ones we pulled had duplicate posts by various users anyways - so we tried to shoot for the ones with the best discussion and vote ratios.

We look forward to the discussions!