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Developer's Blog 09/12/2011

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Since the moment Nexeon Technologies took over the development side of Face of Mankind, many of you have been curious about the direction the game is currently heading. Due to this, we are going to take some time to outline a few of the upcoming changes and game revisions in order to better convey the focus and path that we envision. At Face of Mankind’s core, all of our changes revolve around creating a player driven experience that adapts and changes based on the way the community focuses their efforts.

We aim to give both new and old players a sense of belonging and importance in the overall outcome of Face of Mankind. The majority of the influence within the Face of Mankind universe comes from the in-game decisions the players make each and every day. We understand that keeping the community happy is the number one goal, and we continue to look at the forums and talk with players for possible changes in order to make everyone’s overall gaming experience better.

There is a lot of potential in this game, and we aim to tap into that potential and make it a reality. While staff interaction may not always be welcomed or favored, it is necessary to maintain a strategic balance so that everyone has an enjoyable playing experience – not just a small handful of users.

As it stands, there are three major game mechanic changes that we are focusing on. These three mechanics require major overhauls to better tap into the ultimate potential of the game. These three features are the combat system, economic framework, and faction structure.

Combat System

We know that many changes to the combat system are long overdue. This is why we are doing a complete analysis of the combat system in order to help us better balance this mechanic. We believe that this is the only way to solve the problems currently associated with combat in Face of Mankind. There are many different ideas and possible solutions; however, we must compile all of these possibilities in order to balance positives and negatives associated with each situation.

Some of the community is in favor of a faster combat system, while some are in favor of a slower one. The only common ground that we feel would balance these counter arguments is to focus more on skill-based combat implementation. One of the ideas we have been playing around with is the implementation of a system balanced towards different play styles.

This would be a system that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses dependent on your gear and items in-game (very similar to what is available now, but with different gear serving different purposes). In addition, this would provide a more unique gaming experience where your personal preferences affect the gear you would want to use.

As we get closer to performing this full overhaul, we will invest a lot of time and consideration into designing a system that everyone can enjoy. Please remember that this system is one of MANY ideas that are floating around and nothing is guaranteed.

The Economy

One of the other issues with the game is the way the economic system currently functions. At this time, Universal Credits serve no real purpose other than padding pockets, and factions cannot generate income without eco-spamming on their own colonies. Also, certain colonies offer more benefits than others because of resources. To better fix this, we must balance the effectiveness of items that are currently considered to have no real use. This would offer better incentives for producing the items and also raise the value of each colony.

We would like to see all factions benefit from the economic system, especially the corporations. More things for factions and players to purchase in-game are also planned which should help spread funds across the game.

Another economic problem we are working to revise is in relation to clans. The clans currently only function as secondary eco-groups because they do not accumulate enough funds to operate in other areas of role-play. We plan on fixing this in various ways, including increased faction perks and methods for clans to make money, which we have mentioned a bit in the next section of this article.

Faction Structure

Since the game was first launched, players have always asked for more control over their factions. At the top of our list for factional changes is a change to the current hard-coded rank limitations. We are adding more functionality in the faction menu settings which will introduce many new elements of role-play for the faction leaders. We have made revisions to player fines, which allow the player to enter the amount and allow faction leaders to set the maximum fine per rank.

We are also developing advanced door rank requirements, exclusive production module requirements, and more. Once this process is complete, we believe faction leadership will enjoy a much tighter grip on their factions and members, as well as allowing them to better define their faction’s identity.

Another element we wish to focus on with factions is their perks. As it stands, every faction is fairly identical in every aspect besides its name and current perks. The only faction with an abundance of different features is the Law Enforcement Department. We have been going over many possible perks and changes to add uniqueness to each faction and will implement these new faction features over time. As requested, we are also looking into the possibility of a civilian faction which would be useful for role-players and new players alike.

Please keep in mind that nothing in this article is set in stone. We wanted to inform you all – the players - that we are working day in and day out to bring you a better experience in the Face of Mankind universe.

We hope to see you all in-game and would like to thank all of our supporters in helping us to deliver a better Face of Mankind!

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