View Full Version : [2/16/2015] Patch

02-16-2015, 08:55 PM
+ In an effort to correctly tweak and balance it, we've implemented VOIP for general chat. You may configure and disable VOIP in your audio settings, and a push to talk key has been added to the game (default Y). An icon will appear above the head of any player that is broadcasting, and the mute feature extends to VOIP as well.

- Corrected a bug with positional audio.


- Fixed a bug that would cause players to crash when leaving worlds.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the VOIP quality to degrade dramatically when multiple people were talking.
- Fixed a bug with the VOIP positioning.


+ Increased the distance of VOIP.

- Fixed a bug with the coordinate system which caused all in-game sounds to come from the wrong direction.