View Full Version : [8/28/2014] Hotfix

08-28-2014, 04:01 PM
+ The following changes have been made to turrets:

Implemented the ability to pick up turrets through the interface. This only applies to Personal Turrets however, and can only be done by the owner.
Increased the range of the turret to compensate for the range of player weapons.
Removed the distance check between Personal Turrets from apartments.+ Added alternative schematics for ammunition, which will allow players to make use of production mods in their creation. Please note however that ammunition does not have any balancing sliders.

- Fixed a bug that would cause turret beams to remain after the turret had been destroyed.
- Fixed a bug that would cause turrets to momentarily return to life after being destroyed.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the bio-drain of the mechanical augmentation balancing sliders to do the opposite of what it should.
- Fixed a bug with the balancing sliders of armor which would cause all of the values to be incorrect.
- Fixed a bug with the automatic stacking of production mods in the loot window.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent players from deploying personal turrets in apartments if they had deployed 3 among all of their apartments collectively.