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08-27-2014, 03:29 PM
+ Implemented Turrets
Turrets come in two flavors, personal and territorial.
Territory Turrets are deployed in owned territory and are counted as a territory object. They require electricity to power them, and will be de-activated if they do not receive it.
Personal Turrets are purchased from the marketplace at http://store.faceofmankind.com/, and can be placed anywhere. They do not require electricity to run.
All turrets have a handful of customization options, allowing them to define exactly under what circumstances a player should be targeted by a turret.
Turrets cannot be hacked, but they can be destroyed!+ Implemented Customized Schematic
Every item in the game now has a "rarity" value. This value will help players differentiate between items of different benefits, and keep the market from becoming too cluttered by new items.
Every schematic market now has another set of schematics for all Weapons, Armor, Medical Items, and Mechanical Augmentations. These special schematics allow players to customize the item's attributes, add mods, and further enhance either the process or the item itself.
Production Mods can be found as loot from killing aliens. Mods include reductions to durability loss, bonuses to damage/protection/healing/effectiveness/ammo, and decreases to the amount of time the process takes.

5-50% Production Speed Increase
5-40% Durability Loss Reduction
3-10% Damage/Protection/Healing/Effectiveness/Ammunition Buff
With the ability to have multiple schematics for the same item, we have now added two additional carbon schematics. One that makes use of Anthracite, and another that makes use of Oil. These will yield more Carbon per resource than the normal schematic.+ Based on player feedback, the following changes have been made to the bounty system
The Hunter Augmentation can no longer lock onto offline targets.
Bounty Creators will now receive a mail when someone has applied for the bounty.
Bounties are now auto-deleted after a week if not completed.
Dramatically increased the number of bounties that each player may apply for.
Increased the maximum bounties an individual player may create.
Arrests will now process as bounty kills.+ A series of small changes have been made to increase the quality of life.
Alien Loot now stacks similarly to minerals and production components.
Backpacks are now automatically deleted after 8 hours.
Added the current online status to the Department manager.
Mission log entries older than a week will now be removed from the history correctly.
Added pages to the mission log.
Added inactivity search filters to the faction member list.
Decreased the durability loss of armor.
Decreased the destruction and xeno damage of all weapons.
Removed the armor durability loss from death.
Players will now see an icon above deployables that they own.
When your trade opponent changes their credits or items, your trade will be automatically un-accepted.
Explosive charges are now taken into consideration when detecting if a player is unarmed.
Decreased the amount of time it takes for the slot machine to complete a spin.+ Many new marketplace features have been added. These include new features in-game and additions to the website marketplace at http://store.faceofmankind.com/
Aliens will now drop special Lock Boxes. These boxes can be unlocked using keys from the marketplace and will yield items not found in-game.
Blue: Contains every type of marketplace clothing and hat.
Green: Contains augmentations with a 5-20% buff to their effect, along with the Personal Turret.
Red: Contains guns with a 5-15% damage buff, with the Golden Zanathid (only available in this box)
Gray: Contains medical items with a 10-20% buff to their healing values.
Teal: Contains all production mods, along with a few special rare mods not available elsewhere.
Yellow: Contains armor with a 10-20% protection buff, and Exile Armor.
Skill Time Respec
Large Alien Eggs
Alternative Armor Colors
Coin Vouchers
Personal Turret

- Fixed a bug that would cause mechanical augmentations to never lose durability.
- Fixed a bug that would cause faction and player name changes to not appear in the department list.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause production processes to break, costing the owner the items.
- Fixed a bug with merging armor when stacked together.
- Fixed a bug that prevented schematics from being split.
- Fixed a bug with the display of coin repair prices.
- Fixed a bug with the display of the energy pistol production skill.
- Fixed a bug that would cause players to drop their confiscated items if they died in prison after being released.
- Fixed a bug that would allow prisoners to vort to non-prison worlds.
- Fixed a bug that would cause casino funds to be lost entirely if the user was not on the world.
- Fixed a bug that was causing territory income to be logged as world service income.
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly set the transfer target of slot machine withdrawals.

[DEV] neXeon
08-27-2014, 05:37 PM
A few notes:

- There is a maximum of 3 personal turrets per person per world.
- The durability of marketplace armor has been doubled since it currently can't be repaired.