View Full Version : [7/22/2014] Patch

07-22-2014, 12:12 PM
+ Players outside of the owning faction and those without appropriate rank permission will no longer be able to release prisoners through the world service interface.
+ Upon escaping from prison, players will now lose only 10% of their penalty points, rather than 100%.
+ Murder ID Cards will now only be given to the initial attacker. If you are attacked by another player and kill them defensively, you will not receive penalty points.
+ Instead of the single cloning facility for everyone, players will now be organized into instances based on their faction, separating players of different factions from each other in cloning.
+ Every schematic item in the game is now flagged as a "secured," preventing them from being dropped on death.
+ Increased the falloff starting value for alien credits to 35,000 UC and increased the falloff scaling to reach its peak of a 90% reduction at 70,000 UC.
+ Reduced the durability loss per rock of the mining tool by 25%.
+ Increased the fire rate of all mining tools by 20%.
+ Increased the speed of mining rigs by 20%.
+ Decreased the completion time of chemical lab processes by 30%.
+ Implemented a rank permission that will allow faction leaders to define the color of a players messages in faction chat.
+ The emergency shield will now go on cooldown after a player begins hacking an object.
+ For their first 24 hours, the emergency shield of new players will not go on cooldown when attacked by other players. It will however still be subject to all other restrictions, and will go on cooldown when they fire their weapon or hack begin hacking an object.