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07-10-2014, 02:56 PM
* With the release of this patch, we have made several changes to the way the marketing system works. As a result, we have had to move many items from their current locations. Any items for sale on deployable market terminals have been moved to the NYC - Brooklyn Transport Storage. In addition, the markets themselves have been deleted and refunded, also available in the transport storage.

+ We have spent the last several weeks pouring over all of your feedback, taking it all into consideration in an effort to find a middle-ground between what we had before, and what we have now. To this end, the following changes have been made:
Rather than using the same ammunition as the DOA, the Orbit will now use standard energy cells.
Re-balanced the weight of most ammunition types.
Removed the prerequisites from the Physical Enhancement, Weight Training, Electronics, Syntactic Foam, Compression, Metal Refinement, Carbon Enhancement, and Alien Technology skills.
Raised the default agility to 90%.
Changed the agility bonus of light armor types into a penalty. (-5% for the entire set)
Increased the agility penalty of heavy armor types. (-15% for the full set)
Increased the speed of sprinting by 10%.
Increased the character run speed by 10%.
Increased the protection provided by armor by roughly 10%.
Removed the cooldown from medikits.
To spread their healing out over a greater period of time, medikits have had their duration increased, but their health regen decreased to compensate.
Increased the health given by both injector types slightly.
Decreased the fire rates of the PP7, DOA, and Copkiller, but maintained their DPS by increasing the damage.+ The primary goal of the new combat system was to replace a single extended fight with several faster exchanges. In an effort to make this a reality, we have added a storage safe to cloning, and will now allow players to transport items there. Additional storage space cannot be purchased however, and you will be limited to using the default storage space.
+ Increased the default storage space to 20 units per world.
+ We have revised the functionality of the Emergency Shield so that it no longer impedes combat so heavily, while still fulfilling its original purpose. The shield will now only trigger if you meet one of the following circumstances:
You are unarmed, in that you are not carrying a lethal weapon. Alien guns, medical guns, and mining guns are not classified as lethal.
You have played the game for less than a total of 24 hours.
You are currently looking at a world service or territory deployable terminal interface.+ Added a rank permission to send mails to the new [FACTION] target, which will forward it to every single member of your faction.
+ When the territory market was originally created, it was never intended to be anything more than a small vendor for individual factions. Over time this unintentionally evolved into a replacement for the world service, causing a massive decentralization of item sales. This causes great difficulty in actually locating items, and to resolve this issue, we have made the following changes to the deployable:
Market vendors and world services now all share the same market space.
Markets may no longer be deployed on worlds without a world market service.
Deployed markets are now subject to the same class restrictions as world market services.
All listing fees will go to the owner of the world service, rather than the owner of the deployable. The only income that will be received from the deployable itself is sales tax.+ Raw materials will now recycle for 1 UC per unit instead of 2 UC.
+ Increased the faction member daily login bonus to 500 UC, compensating for the change that was made to game time several patches ago.
+ Instead of a flat 50% sink on all income, the loss will now depend on the world service in question. This will us to more effectively balance the economy, without broadly punishing all worlds service owners.

- Fixed a bug with the animation rates of sprinting and running to reduce the visible sliding effect while moving.
- Fixed a bug with the preview of transport costs.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause the shield cooldown to only trigger upon successfully hitting a target.