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06-19-2014, 03:04 PM
Hello everyone,

Since our Steam release, many have been waiting with baited breath, eager to learn of our plans for the future. Obvious bugfixing aside, the following road map should help outline our goals and give everyone a clear picture of where the game is going.

Faction Tools

Almost immediately after starting Closed Beta, players began requesting various expansions on the faction system to better manage their members. These features are coming, and have now reached the very top of the development list. These tools include things such as:
Rank Colors

One of the most integral changes made in Fall of the Dominion was the removal of hard-coded factions, and with it, all of the culture that followed those factions. Although there was technically no incentive to do so, the factions and societies that developed over ten years always held true to their original beliefs, creating a focus for them and the new players that joined , driving conflict and politics in the game world.

The belief and hope with Fall of the Dominion was that players would create these again, of their own accord, but there simply aren’t enough tools in the game to facilitate this kind of interaction and direction. This is not to be seen as a barrier to the game’s success, but rather a hint at the direction we should take to make it more interesting.

To this end, we have been discussing a lot of features internally, both of our own design and through the ideas proposed in the feedback forum. The end result is a plan to add more content to the game, enhancing the ability for players to impact the world and each other, while making the world feel more alive.

Artificial Intelligence: The first thing on this agenda would be an update to our pathfinding algorithm’s wandering mechanics. Right now, we are making use of the built-in random pathfinding function, which at times, is very hit or miss. We wish to see this be more efficient, resulting in our AI wandering around as groups and actually exploring the world, perhaps guarding some areas and generally acting more lifelike.
Brooklyn Safezone: We have spent a lot of time considering alternatives to the hard-coded safezone. One that will still provide protection, while not entirely removing risk from the city. The solution that we like the most is the implementation of defensive drones. These drones would be capable of killing players very quickly, but also capable of being destroyed with enough effort. Two types exist, one that is static and guards a single area of the world, and another is roving, which will wander the world in a predictable path, allowing for players to avoid them if they desire. Game-created drones will exist only on the lower class worlds, with a decreased presence as the world tier goes up. The highest class worlds should have none at all.
Non-Player Character Overhaul: Another feature that we are currently looking into is an expansion of our NPC system into one that supports more advanced features. We could add NPC cars that wander the skies of Brooklyn, or shady drug addicts looking for a fix, with a quest to bring them some drugs. The final effect will be life added to the worlds, with more unique areas to them for players to explore and interact with. As an interesting twist to this, we’re currently examining the possibility of players utilizing this system, through GM moderation. Players would be able to create NPC quests that help them tell stories or provide quest content for other users to enjoy. We hope that this change will inject a lot of player-created content into the game worlds, making everything feel just a little bit more real.

Content, however, is not the only thing on our agenda. We do agree that it’s important to perfect the systems and mechanics that we already have. We’ve heard your concerns about how emergency shields remove the advantage of surprising your opponent. We understand that armor feels worthless, and there is a decreased sense of personal progression. These are things that will continue to be addressed in future patches, until we have reached an ideal balance.