View Full Version : [6/16/2014] Patch

06-16-2014, 05:40 PM
+ Every Transport Storage world service in the game has been converted to a normal Item Storage world service. All worlds in the game now have an Item Storage service available.
+ Changed several Premium perks:
Removed restriction on second weapon slot.
The recycling cap now applies only to Brooklyn, and a 50,000 UC daily recycle cap has been added to Premium accounts in NYC - Brooklyn.+ Implemented a toggle for health/aura indicators to the interface options.
+ In an effort to increase the viability of armor, we have decreased the durability loss from taking damage.
+ Decreased the goal costs of Recycling world services.
+ Increased the number of clones Nano-Augmentations will last for.

- Fixed a bug with the rank editing permission not allowing certain permissions to be edited.
- Fixed a bug with the error message given from hacking requirements.
- Fixed a bug that would allow factions over their perk limit on capturing territory.
- Fixed an error message returned when using an object in an uninitialized territory.
- Fixed an inventory sync bug when placing an item into an occupied medical installation slot.
- Fixed a bug that allowed prisoners to escape jail using the portavort.
- Fixed a bug with the loading of warrants on server startup.
- Fixed the entrance nodes of Terra Venture I.
- Fixed several invalid areas on Terra Venture I.
- Fixed a bug that prevented factions from unhacking territory objects hacked by a factionless player.
- Fixed a bug that would cause territory objects to remain powered after the controller was destroyed.
- Fixed a handful of bugs related to infiltration hacking on objects over security level 3.
- Fixed a bug that would require prisoners to relog to obtain their items.