View Full Version : [6/12/2014] Patch

06-12-2014, 03:13 PM
+ Added the newly rediscovered colony, Terra Venture I, to the Vortex Network. This is a Class III world sitting between Booker's Valley and DeMorgan's Castle!
Vortex Network
Medical Station
Chemical Refinery
Item Storage
Clothing Market+ Implemented a new rank permission for modifying ranks.
+ Secured and Bound items are no longer dropped to transport storage upon death.
+ Aliens will now automatically die 24 hours after the egg is placed.
+ In an effort to increase inventory stability, an automatic inventory refresh to storage, chemical labs, and production managers, has been implemented.
+ In an effort to reduce the viability of free accounts, the following changes have been made:
Removed daily login bonus for free players
Faction creation restricted to Premium (Factions are not disbanded when an account is downgraded however)
Second weapon slot restricted to Premium
Free accounts limited to recycling 10,000 UC worth of raw materials per day
- Fixed a bug that would allow players to transfer bound items through apartment safes.
- Fixed a bug that caused a player's account to downgrade after using Elementum and then changing worlds.
- Fixed a bug with the hacking tool requirements of apartment safes.
- Fixed a bug that would cause backer armor to lose durability when attacked by aliens.
- Fixed a bug with the mining tool from prison not being properly removed upon release.
- Removed all bugged prison mining tools from the game.
- Fixed a bug that caused players to enter the default node from cloning, regardless of Premium status.