View Full Version : [6/12/2014] Security Notice

[DEV] Frost
06-12-2014, 01:53 PM
Hello everyone,

As many of you know, a few days ago we had a minor security breach in our forums, during which there was a list of usernames, emails, and salted+hashed passwords (which do not link to your Face of Mankind account in any way and are useless garbage text) released by the intruders. Fortunately they did not gain access outside the forums, and therefore gained no further personal information, such as billing information. The security hole was a fault in vBulletin, and steps have been taken to prevent this from occurring again.

After much digging, we have not yet determined who it was that infiltrated our systems, but are still working to find out the culprit(s).

There was an extended downtime on our forum as we upgraded the forum software and added some security features to both the forums and some internal systems. You now have the option to use two step authentication when logging into the forums. This requires you to utilize a third party smartphone application like the Google Authenticator. While this is not a requirement, we wanted the option there for users to apply additional security to their accounts.

As an additional measure, we recommend that you change your password anyways via the account page of our main website.

We apologize for this breach, and will release any further information that we discover on the matter as soon as it is available.