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06-06-2014, 08:20 PM
* With this patch, we have chosen to wipe the game as per feedback from the community. This will provide everyone an equal playing field with our new economic and combat changes. Every single item and character has been deleted, but fear not, your skill times have been saved. If you reserved a name during the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥er campaign, please make sure you make use of it on creation, as you won't be able to obtain it otherwise! Once you've created your character, you will be able to apply your skill seconds as you did after the previous skill reset.
* As a reimbursement for the downtime, all backers over the $30 tier have had 7 days of premium game time added to their accounts. In addition, as you are all now aware, our website has been brought back online and premium may be purchased through subscriptions and a new marketplace item. We will be adding more marketplace items over the weekend, and in time we will have a wide selection of items again. It's worth noting that the "Secured" status means that the items can be traded and sold on markets, but cannot be dropped into a lootpack.

+ Several combat-related changes have been made to the game in our first of many balancing steps towards reaching a good system that can appeal to both veteran players and new users.
We have reduced damage across the board by 15%, however, it is important to note that headshots are still far more valuable than any other location. This divide will give better combatants an edge in combat.
Increased the heal rate of the Resistance Augmentation by 50%.
Decreased the maximum cloning timer to 1 minute and 30 seconds, and decreased the scaling to be less punishing.+ Implemented the functionality for missing skills.
Mining Equipment
Mineral Scanner
Decryption+ Implemented the Portable Vortex Particle Emitter.
When activated, a cooldown will begin depending on your current combat state. With player-damaging weapons in your inventory, this cooldown will last 30 seconds, otherwise it will last 3 seconds.
After the timer has ended, you will immediately use an existing vortex ticket in your inventory. If you have no ticket, you will be sent to a random node on a random world.
After using, you must wait ten minutes before using the augmentation again.+ Implemented faction specialization features to better suit the original intent of the perk system. Upon creation, faction leaders will be free to decide upon a type for their faction that will decide what perk tree they have access to. In addition to this change, we have revamped the available perks to add further incentives to factions that are capable of surviving long enough to achieve them. As per this change, the following changes have been made to the faction system:

Implemented scrollbar for the faction message.
Increased the default maximum number of capturable world services to 2.
Set the default maximum territories per world to 3.
Further expanded upon the following perk trees
Additional territories per world until reaching an unlimited conquest perk.
Additional world services per world.
Decreased skill train time on Weapon and Armor skills.
Exclusive Conquest: Prison
Faster production, refining, and chem lab times.
Cheaper production processes and additional slots.
Decreased skill train time on Production skills.
Exclusive Conquest: Schematic Market
Decreased hacking difficulties on most hacking object types.
Decreased skill train time on Infiltration skills.
Exclusive Conquest: Apartments and Vortex Network
- Revised the tutorial to accommodate the now-removed skillbook markets.
- Fixed a bug causing non-lethal Xenomorph weapons to trigger a target's emergency shield.
- Fixed a bug in which the mission leader's status is not set upon login.
- Fixed a bug with the default settings for chat bubbles.
- Fixed a bug with chat sounds. The excessive beeping in all channels will now be disabled by default.
- Fixed a bug in which skillbook markets were still visible on the Vortex Map and in the game worlds.

[DEV] Frost
06-06-2014, 09:32 PM
The servers are now back online!