View Full Version : [6/5/2014] Patch

06-05-2014, 07:23 PM
* The new faction type system is partially implemented in this build, and so many faction perks may be a bit broken. This will be resolved in our next patch, which will come with the wipe and the rest of the economic fixes discussed in the feedback forum.
* With this patch we added seconds to the game's internal time so that we can decrease the production timers below a minute. A side-effect of this however is that any and all existing timestamps have been completely broken, including mail timestamps. They will show up correctly, but they won't be sorted correctly against new mails.

+ Implemented an Emergency Shield.
Automatically part of every clone, this special shield will allow players five seconds of invulnerability when fired upon.
If the player unholsters a weapon, the effects of the shield will stop until it has been holstered again.
If the player fires a weapon, the shield will immediately drop.
Once the shield has either dropped from firing a weapon or being fired upon, it will take five minutes or death for the shield to re-arm.+ Added passive bio-regen and increased bio-costs accordingly.

- Fixed a bug with the Weight Training and Physical Enhancement skills not working as intended.
- Removed the Backer Rifle skill.
- Fixed a bug with shield augmentations that would cause them to affect all existing attributes.