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[DEV] Frost
06-04-2014, 08:39 PM
Good evening everyone!

The day has come, and we are finally able to put the server back up! Now, we didn’t just twiddle our thumbs while it was down, we did STUFF! Awesome right? No? Ok well then read on..

Though Oblivious is going to have patch notes, it’s necessary to note that what we want to accomplish is major testing of the new combat, and skill system. We’ve worked out a large amount of bugs already, but need to ensure we find and fix them all as quickly as possible. Please make use of the bug tracker, as messaging us personally make it harder to organize the squishing.

When you log in, you will notice that your skills have been wiped. Do not be alarmed, we have the times backed up for future use. With the new combat system, the skill system has changed dramatically, so it is something we need to test on a larger scale alongside combat. You will be able to train some of the new skills using the time you have already put into your past skills. When we get around to the wipe (read more into this post) you will get the same amount of time back. In short, whatever time you put into your skills so far will be available for you to spend in the new skill system to test, and that same time will be available after the wipe. We have also removed the schematics that were previously in the game.

That said, you will still have everything you have made (armor, weapons, boosters, etc.) so that you may assist in the testing of this combat on a larger scale. You will have to get the skills required to use the gear though. Fortunately it doesn’t take much so you should be ok.

Many of you are questioning this upcoming wipe. It is necessary for the total revamp of the economic system, skill system, and combat system. From what we have seen most of you are OK with this, which is great. Absolutely everything will be wiped. Factions, items, ♥♥♥♥♥, and whatever collections of enemy gear that you may have started. As stated above, you will retain the time you have spent on your skills so that you may spend it in the new system. Once everything is tested and fleshed out, we will take the rag and wipe it down.

A hot topic has been the premium that was used over the downtime, we will be reimbursing those who have premium with a full week's worth. But not until after the wipe.

Thank you all for your patience on the matter and we hope to see as many of you as possible in-game!

06-04-2014, 08:40 PM
* In order to update the schematics to the new system we are using, we had to get rid of all the old ones. As such, all of the schematics that were in the game have been deleted.
* Some skills have not had their entire functionality implemented. This functionality will be implemented prior to wiping the game. (Production skills, infiltration skills, and some others)
* We have started developing the economic changes in the feedback forum. Although mining has been changed, the generation algorithm has not. We will review how mining works out now and adjust as necessary, and implement an adjustment when we wipe the game and implement the economic changes.

+ Skill System Revamp
All skill times have been dramatically rebalanced to decrease the amount of time that players spend waiting for skills to progress.
Any items that were previously available at multiple classes are now available at a single class. For instance, the RGI-9 is now a Class II item, rather than Class I-III. Classes however still function very much the same, with higher classes having better base values.
Removed Skillbooks and related markets from the game. Players are now able to train skills through their skill interface.+ Combat System Revamp
The damage values of all weapons have been dramatically increased.
Removed utility armor types (Augmented, Medical, Atomic Compression, and Infiltration)
Revised the values of all armor and medical items to better suit the high-damage system.
Decreased ammunition sizes to reflect new damage values.
Players will now only drop their current inventory on death.+ Implemented Health Indicators
When unholstered, players will now see Health and Aura indicators over the heads of other players who are unholstered.
Indicators will always be shown over the heads of mission members.
Aliens also feature health indicators, allowing players to understand how much health they have left.+ Aesthetics Revamp
We have implemented a large number of new music and sound effects. As part of this update, the way that music is played has been changed dramatically. As you wander the game world, idle tracks will now play randomly. In addition, the different combat musics have been removed in favor of a single system triggered upon combat initiation. In addition to the music, all of the interface sounds and most of the weapon sounds have been overhauled.
Removed the 4:1 progression of game-time. Game-time will now progress at the same speed as real-life, based on the GMT time-zone.
All worlds now feature a sped-up day/night cycle to compensate for the alterations to game-time. In addition to this, worlds have been given time-zones, meaning that some worlds will be night while others will be day.+ Economic Changes
50% of all World Service and Territory income will now be removed from the game.
Deployable production territories now take twice as long to produce items.
All new players now start with 10,000 UC.
Mineral deposits may now be mined to 0 and return nothing when mined.+ Decreased the initialization and hacking timers of Territory Controllers to 20 minutes.