View Full Version : [5/16/2014] Patch

05-16-2014, 05:14 PM
+ Implemented the Revolutionary Wall in NYC - Brooklyn. This new area is accessible through the Botanical Garden, and commemorates the pledges of those who helped make Fall of the Dominion possible.
+ Implemented caching for faction emblems to prevent FPS drops during combat.
+ In our continued effort to make the combat system more interesting, we have made several key changes to looting and medical supplies. In addition to this, we have also made revisions to magazine sizes.
Increased the bio-regen of Biocells to 3%.
Increased the health-regen of Small Medikits to 1.1%
Increased the health-regen of Standard Medikits to 1.7%
Increased the health-regen of Battle Medikits to 1.9%
Increased the health-regen of Emergency Medikits to 2.2%
Increased the base health-regen to 0.5% when over 60% health.
Decreased the bio-drain of the resistance and stamina implants to 4.0%
Added a 10 second cooldown to using injectors
Increased the base magazine sizes of most ammunition types
Increased the durability loss from firing weapons and mining tools
Rather than dropping your items based on the class of the world, players will now drop armor and inventory on all worlds. Your weapon however will remain on you at all times, taking a durability loss from death.- Fixed a bug that caused looted items to be invisible in packs when a player died carrying them.
- Fixed an error notification given when equipping weapons to the third slot.
- Fixed a bug that prevented attributes from being displayed on schematics.