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05-08-2014, 06:45 PM
* Due to the large change made to faction perks in this patch, the perks of existing factions have been wiped, and the perk points used to purchase them have been returned.
* This patch will not include many low-priority bugfixes. This is due to our focus currently being on making the game more fun. Once the issues with the game have been addressed, the lower priority bugs will be fixed.

+ Responding to the feedback that we have received, several changes have been made to combat. These changes will be the first of many in an attempt to find a middle ground between the old combat system and the new one.
Implemented the Resistance Implant.
Removed the loot pack lockout timer and related nano-augmentations.
On death, armor and weapons will now lose 20% durability.
The items that the player carries will now drop based on the class of the world. On Class 1 and above worlds, only the player's weapon will drop. On Class 2 and above worlds, the player's inventory will drop. On Class 4 and above worlds, the player's armor will drop.
Decreased the maximum cloning timer to 2.5 minutes.
The hacking difficulty of mining rigs now depends on the mining tool inside. A class 4 mining tool will require a class 4 hack as well.
Several changes to combat items:
Decreased the size of the Plutonium Cell.
Increased the secondary protection values of Heavy Ballistic and Heavy Energy armors.
Increased the protection values of Infiltration Armor.
Increased the weight reduction and protection values of Atomic Compression Armor.
Decreased the agility and bio-drain penalties of Augmented Armor, as well as increased the protection values.+ While the territory system itself has been well-received, there are several issues with the system that we hope to address in this patch.
To make the management of territories easier, the currently owned territories have been added to the faction manager, and a new territory management interface is available when viewing the territory controller.
In an attempt to remove some of the restrictions that prevent faction growth, the limitations on capturing territories and their related faction perks have been removed.
Updated the error messages given by territories to clarify how much time is left during initialization.
Territory hack notifications will now be sent to the faction chat of the attacker as well as the defender.
Faction Perk costs have been rebalanced and two additional world service domination perks have been added to the game.
As part of a several patch long plan to enable smaller factions to siphon funds from larger ones, 50% of the income for world services will now be given to the owner of the territory the service is in.
One of the largest deterrents to capturing territory at present is the lack of stability provided by the system. To combat this, a special territory lockdown feature has been added to the game. Available to those with the territory management permission, this feature adds a button to the territory controller which allows an owner to prevent anyone from hacking any object within the territory for 2 in-game days. Using this feature will cost faction funds, based on the class of the world that the territory is on. After the 2 in-game days, there is a 1 in-game day cooldown until the feature may be used again.
Rather than being based on a faction perk, the number of territory deployables that may be placed in a territory now depends on the percentage of the world that is currently owned by the faction. For every 10% of the world that is captured, the faction will gain the ability to place another object (per territory).
In an effort to better balance the value of the colonies, production territories have now been restricted to the world class and below. This means that a class 4 world cannot make class 5 items, but can make classes 1-4.
Factions will now receive special benefits based on the percentage of the world that their faction owns.
50% - The faction will receive 5% of all world service income on the world, whether they own the services or not.
75% - The faction will be able to enter the colony from anywhere in the Vortex Network.
Andromeda City is now a Class V world.
- Fixed a bug that would sort unreviewed missions below all others.
- Fixed a bug that would cause territories to become uncapturable if an additional controller was placed inside the territory during initialization.
- Fixed a bug that would cause bullets to rise above the crosshair due to recoil.