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04-24-2014, 11:42 AM
+ While it has been a very real side-effect, the intention of the weight system was never to prevent looting but rather to limit the number of items that can be carried into battle. To this end, the way that loot packs work has been altered slightly.
Instead of dropping the entire contents to inventory, the "Take All" button of the backpack will now store all of the items in the player's loot window (previously used exclusively for aliens).
While alien parts may still be dragged to inventory, other items must be dragged into storage before leaving the world. If the player leaves the world, any unclaimed items will be lost.
On death, the contents of the loot window will be dropped with the players current inventory.+ As part of an effort to make the game more accessible to new players, a small number of interface and other changes have been made to make certain aspects of the game easier to understand.
Changed the Mission Manager's interface icon so that it is easier to understand the purpose.
Re-implemented the hint system, along with a new series of hints.
Updated the icons and line coloring of the Vortex Network interface to clarify where you may travel.
Added a world class indicator to both the Vortex Network interface and the bottom right of screen during gameplay.
Added an item class indicator to the top-left of the item icon.
Added faction icons to faction specific clothing so that their exclusivity is easier to understand.+ To improve the randomness of alien loot, dice, and the slot machines, a new random number generator has been integrated into the game.
+ The market vendor territory deployable was originally intended as an alternative to the world market, but its existence has caused the world markets to be abandoned. To both incentivize using the world market and open up the value of the market vendor, a few small changes have been made.
All players will now be able to sell items on the market vendor. If you do not have permission to use it, you must hack it to gain access, but will then be able to use it normally until the hack expires.
Instead of being dropped to transport storage when captured, all items on the market will receive a 20% cost reduction to all players. This decrease is consecutive, and each time the territory control object is destroyed the item prices will decrease.+ In an attempt to help spread out the population and add value to other worlds, the lower class minerals will no longer be available on higher class worlds. To clarify, this will be the location of all minerals:
NYC - Brooklyn - Class 1 only
Berlin - Class 2 only
Bookers Valley - Class 3 only (Oil, Plasma, Lithium)
Titan Station - Class 3 only (Beryllium, Chrome, Gold)
DeMorgan - Class 4 only
Necars Field - Class 5 only+ The effects of all territory ownership perks have been doubled. This means that with all territory ownership perks activated, a faction may now capture 10 territories instead of 5.
+ Increased the maximum number of mission members to 150.
+ To make cloning a little less punishing, the cost of instant cloning will decrease as the timer decreases.
+ As the intention of help chat is at times unclear, a throttle has been added to chat messages.
+ Optimized the loading of apartment safes to decrease the amount of time it takes for players to log into the apartment server.

- Fixed a bug that would cause the maximum territory object perk to count all objects on the world, rather than per-territory.
- Fixed a bug that would cause market offers to appear to decrease the amount of available space in item storage.
- Fixed a bug with the display of certain attributes.
- Fixed a bug that would cause rejected bounties to to count against a player until they relogged.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause mining guns to be lost after the mining rig was picked up.
- Fixed a bug with the recoil of the RGI-9.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a faction's influence to stop before 100% under certain circumstances.

[DEV] Frost
04-24-2014, 12:27 PM

There was an oversight when it comes to Class 1 minerals only being available on Brooklyn. This prevented anyone from being able to use a mining rig on said minerals and forced you to manually mine any and all class 1 minerals. These minerals will be made available on another world in addition to Brooklyn. The difference will be that you can use mining rigs on the secondary world that we put the class 1 minerals on.

We apologize for this oversight, and assure you that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

04-24-2014, 01:23 PM
+ The world class indicator in the bottom-right of the screen will now fade after 10 seconds. As a clarification, while the world classes line up with the classes of minerals on the world, it is unrelated. Worlds without minerals also have classes.
+ Added Class 1 minerals to Berlin, Titan Station, and Bookers Valley.