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[DEV] Frost
04-14-2014, 02:41 PM
Territory System

The territory system allows factions to capture almost any area in the game world in the name of their faction. Once captured, the owning faction can place down objects to customize their new territory. These objects range from market vendors to slot machines and almost everything in between.

The Objects

Territory Controller: Forming the centerpiece of the control system, this object is what will give your faction administrative powers over the territory. When placed in unowned territory, this object will begin an initialization process that, once completed, will mark the deploying faction as owner. During this initialization period, the object may be destroyed. However, once the shield has been activated, it will not be possible to damage the object without hacking it. Once the object has been hacked, a 30 minute timer will begin. If the owner does not hack the object and disable the timer, it will disable the shield at the end of the timer, and allow the object to take damage.

Vortex Generator: Standing as the primary form of power generation for territories, this object will create electricity which is then usable by other objects on the world. Unlike other objects however, these are not shielded, and can be destroyed at any time.

Market Vendor Similar to normal markets, this special vendor allows the owning faction to place items for sale on it. Unlike typical markets however, these items are not restricted to class limitations. When a territory control object is destroyed, all items on the market are immediately sent to transport storage with a 7 in-game day deletion timer.

Production Manager Lacking the class limitations of normal production terminals, these special territory production objects expand the number of slots on a world and allow for item production. The slots are tied to the territory itself, however, the production is tied to the unit itself. If the production object is destroyed, any productions currently in-process will be destroyed with it.

Multicom Access Point This special terminal will allow the owner to dictate a URL for anyone who uses the terminal to be automatically redirected to.

Slot Machine To better allow for players to set up their own unique areas, the casino world service has returned as a territory object instead. This slot machine object functions exactly the same as the old world service did.

Salvotech CX-90 Explosive Charge This special deployable, once armed, will cause a large amount of area damage after three minutes. It will destroy any deployable instantly, and can kill an unarmored person if they are too close to it.

Contesting a Territory

Should you have any enemies that wish to take your territories from you, they can. By hacking into your territory controller, they can disable its protection protocols and then place down some Salvotech CX-90 Explosive Charges and activate them. Once the charges go off, your controller will be destroyed and your enemies can now place their own controller to take over your domain and all it contains.

Alternatively, your enemies could destroy everything in the territory instead of taking control, effectively wiping your faction out of the area, leaving you to either rebuild or retaliate.

This system expands on defining your faction and their hold on power in the galaxy. You can rule colonies with an iron fist or simply set up a central spot for your faction to socialize and cooperate with each other, but what you do is entirely up to you!