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[DEV] Frost
04-14-2014, 02:19 PM
Deployable Items

While the subject has been mentioned a few times, we have finally reached a point where it is possible to give an entire update on the deployable items that will be available in Fall of the Dominion. These items will provide players with interesting ways to interact with the game world. Turrets have already been mentioned in a previous update and will not be featured here, so keep that in mind when reviewing the list.

Common Things

Although each individual object has a different effect on the game world, they all have a few common traits that are shared amongst them.
Can take damage: Players can shoot deployable objects and cause damage. Once they have taken enough damage, they will explode and cause damage to anyone within the explosion.
Can be hacked: Players can hack into the object and gain access to features not available to anyone but the hackers.
Block players: ALL deployable objects are collidable, which means that players cannot go through them. They also block bullets, as they take damage.
Distance Requirements: Deployable objects cannot be placed near nodes, walls, and cannot be placed too close to other objects. They also cannot be placed on top of each other.
Deployment: All of these items are deployed from the inventory by right-clicking on the item and choosing to deploy it.

Influence Generator


To capture a territory, a faction needs to build influence on it. This can be done by hacking the territory, but alternatively, it can also be done by having an influence generator linked to it. To do this, you must first be near the territory you wish to hack and deploy the item. Once it has been deployed, the owner may open it and view the control UI. If it has yet to be initialized, it will allow you to attempt a link to a nearby territory.


Once the button is pressed it will search for the nearest territory (within reason) and attach itself to it. From there, the owner may select what faction they want it to build influence for.


If hacked, the hacker will be able to select a new target, or alternatively, pick up the generator and steal it.


As part of the revisions to the combat system, a new deployable item has been added to the game. This shield exists only to soak up damage and stop players, which it can do quite well.


Medical Unit


Being able to provide mobile medical treatment to other players has always been a requested feature. Fall of the Dominion aims to take this simple idea and turn it into an even more interesting mechanic. Once deployed, any player can access the medical unit and heal themselves, regardless of faction alliance. When hacked, it will be picked up by the hacker.

Mining Rig


Having to repeatedly press your mouse button down to mine can be exhausting, and with the additional manpowered typically required to protect a single miner, it becomes more viable to have groups of miners. The mechanical alternative to this is the mining rig, which will passively mine minerals for you.


To use it, you will need a mining tool. Once deployed, the owner will need to place the mining tool inside of it. From there, they can select the mineral they would like to mine, after which it will begin passively mining. It will continue to mine for the mineral until the tool breaks, after which it will stop mining. When hacked, it will allow the hacker to take the contents, but they cannot steal the entire rig.

Fate of Droppable Items

With the introduction of these items and the addition of more players, the decision has been made to remove the ability for players to drop any item in the game on the ground. Although it adds to the role-play aspect of the game, the stringent restrictions that are required for it to function negate much of the value. If there is time, the potential for dropping in apartments may be examined later on, but for now this won’t be part of the Fall of the Dominion milestone.