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[DEV] Frost
04-14-2014, 02:10 PM
World Services

With a few obvious exceptions, this update is going to cover all of the territories that have not already had a unique update. It is worth reiterating that a world serv is simply a capturable service within the game world. Once captured, it will provide income and taxation benefits to the owning faction. The territories themselves represent some of the core elements of gameplay within Fall of the Dominion, and will be hotly contested.

This is a list of every world service slated to be in the game at release:

Item Repair (Certain Worlds)
World Market (Certain Worlds)
Item Storage (Certain Worlds)
Transport Storage (All Worlds)
Chemical Refinery (Certain Worlds)
Apartments (All Worlds)
Prison (Necars Field + DeMorgan’s Castle)
Medical Station (Certain Worlds)
Production Manager (Certain Worlds)
Schematic Market (Certain Worlds)
Skill Market (Certain Worlds)
Food Market (Certain Worlds)
Recycler (Certain Worlds)
Vortex Terminal (All Worlds)

Vortex Terminal


Voted for by the players during the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥er campaign, this is a capturable serivce on every world. Although the service was grazed over in the past, now that it has been implemented, it seemed necessary to mention it in more detail.

Players use the Vortex Terminal to purchase tickets, which are then used in traversing the vortex network. If you attempt to enter a vortex gate without one, it will give you an error and tell you that you need to purchase a Vortex Ticket. If you have a ticket however, you will be immediately transferred to the world and node described in it.

An obvious issue with this system however lies in the cost of the tickets. It’s important that players be able to travel freely, and that they don’t have to spend a substantial about of credits changing worlds. There are two mechanisms within the cost calculation that will keep either of these from becoming an issue, while still creating a suitable form of income for the owning faction.

The first is a sort of welfare, wherein tickets are free to those who cannot afford them. This will make sure that players without sufficient funds are still able to move around the starmap. The second is that there will be no cost for the first five minutes on a world. As long as you leave the world before you reach the five minute timer, you won’t have to pay any credits at all.

Item Repair


The next service that we will discuss is the Item Repair Service. Through the use of this service, players will be able to repair their items for a cost. You simply place the item into the terminal, which will display the cost of the repair, and if desired, allow you to repair it.

It is important however to balance this, and a big part of that is ensuring that items are not repaired forever. Upon each repair, a special “Durability Loss Factor” will increase, causing the item to lose durability faster and faster every time that it is repaired. This alongside the death consequences will cause players to weigh whether or not they want to repair their item, or recycle it and buy a new one.



With the many items that will be used and dropped within Fall of the Dominion, it’s important that players have a way to dispose of them for some kind of monetary reward. This will encourage players to recycle, rather than to just delete the items.

Once placed inside the terminal, it will evaluate the schematic used to produce the item and find out all of the raw materials. Based on the cost of the raw materials and the durability loss factor of the item, it will give you credits and destroy the item. In the case of raw materials, it will just give the value of the mineral, allowing people to generate UC from mining. It won’t reimburse you for the cost of the item, but if you’re just collecting loot after a large battle, it will at least justify the trip to the service.

Schematic + Skill Markets


Schematics and Skills are the some of the only items in the game not producible by players. Due to this, they each have their own unique market service, separate from the rest of the player-created market items. Although these items can be sold on the world market as well, their point of origination lies in these special territories. They can however be captured, and in the case of the schematic market, taxed.

To further spice up the value of the territories, not every schematic and skill is available at every market. Instead, every so often their location will be randomly chosen. It will distribute them across the territories, and ensure that every skill and schematic are available somewhere.