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04-14-2014, 02:07 PM
Bounty System


At the core of Fall of the Dominion’s crime and punishment system lies the new bounty system, the source of income for bounty hunters and prison owners alike. It forms a symbiotic relationship between the two, and sets up a simple way for players to show discontent for one another at a more personal level.



For players to make use of the bounty system, they have to be confident that their ♥♥♥♥♥ is going to be well-spent. To this end, a lot of control must be given to the player creating the bounty. A large emphasis has been placed on the reputation of the bounty hunter in this system, with a requirement that all hunters be approved before being able to collect a bounty.

When a hunter applies to take on a bounty, the creator will be able to see them in their list and review some information about them. They can see how many bounties they have performed successfully, how many they have failed, their relation to the target’s faction, and a rating. After every bounty is collected, the issuer must rate the hunter from 1-5, the average of which is shown when reviewing possible hunters. This may not have an impact on very small bounties, but for larger ones or the more cautious, it means what people know about you is very important.

Every player is able to create up to ten bounties at once, with a bounty only being removed after all the successful hunters have been rated. A bounty may have an infinite number of hunters working on it at once.

A bounty is completed when the funds are depleted. Every time the target is killed, up to 10,000 UC is deducted from the bounty. Once the funds reach 0, it will be completed, and the hunters will be able to take another bounty. The creator may then rate the hunters, and the bounty will be completed.

If the bounty hunter is killed by the target however, 1% of the bounty will be given to them and the hunter will fail the bounty. The issuer may approve them again and allow them to continue, but unless they do then the hunter will not be able to complete the bounty, and it will be marked as a failed bounty.


Hunters are able to see the status of their active bounties, and cancel them if they so desire. The maximum number of bounties that a hunter can take at once are governed by their Bounty Hunting related skills.

Most Wanted


Most Wanted status in Fall of the Dominion will still exist, but it will be handled a little differently. Most Wanted is now the combination of two separate Wanted statuses, each with their own circumstances.

The first wanted list is the Penalty Point list. The players with the top 10 Penalty Points will be placed on this list. The second wanted list is the Bounty list, where the players with the top 10 total bounty value will be placed on the list.

If a player manages to get onto both lists, they will be marked as a Most Wanted, signifying that they are wanted by both the Bounty Hunters and the Prison Factions.

Hunting Augmentation

To aid in the tracking of bountied players, a new augmentation exists in the milestone. The “Hunting Augmentation” is a special mechanical augmentation that will allow players to pinpoint the location of other players through its search functionality. A target is selected through the augmentation’s interface by entering their name, and it will “link” to them. A link can only be changed once every ten minutes, and a scan performed once every minute. This augmentation is not limited to bountied targets, and can be used on any player in the game.

The actual precision of the tracking depends upon how long they’ve remained in the same location. If a player remains in the same sector for 5 minutes, the augmentation will be able to reveal the sector they are in. If a player remains on the same world for 20 minutes, the augmentation will be able to reveal that as well. If the hunter is on the same world, and the target has remained on the world for 20 minutes, then the augmentation will say the exact area after 1 minute of remaining in it.

This means that if you go away from your keyboard for 21 minutes without a cloak augmentation, a hunter will be able to find your exact location.

Cloak Augmentation

The counter to the Hunting Augmentation is the Cloak Augmentation. Occupying the same slot as the Hunting Augmentation, this will allow you to hide from the hunting augmentation. While active, it will prevent any of the location timers from advancing, and will mask your location entirely, at the cost of bio-energy. When inactive, it will passively hide parts of your location based on the class of your cloak versus the class of their hunting augmentation.

If the cloak and hunting augmentations are the same class, the area will never be visible in searches. If the cloak is one class higher, the world will never be visible. If the cloak is two classes higher, the sector will never be visible. Any higher, and they will be invisible to searches. It is worth noting however that this dynamic only exists between an individual hunter and a target. If there is another hunter with a different class augmentation looking for you, they will be subject to their own check, and may be able to see more information than their competitor.

Prison System

Historically, every player in the game was given penalty points just for playing, and the Law Enforcement Department was antagonistic to virtually every player in the entire game. A big goal in Fall of the Dominion was to change this stigma, and create organizations that can more effectively serve the people, while still creating potential for corruption. The biggest change to this end is one of incentivization, and a change to the way penalty points are assigned.

Penalty Points

Now tied into the Bounty system, Penalty Points will be assigned to a target upon successful completion of a bounty. 1% of the collected value (maximum of 100 PP per death, based on the maximum of 10,000 UC per kill) is given in the form of penalty points to the target. This puts the assignment of Penalty Points into the hands of the players themselves, and creates an even greater incentive to using the bounty system.

Once a player has penalty points, a member of the prison faction will be able to arrest them, sending them to their prison. Players in prison factions are able to take bounties as well, and they may choose to arrest instead of kill, collecting the bounty and sending the target to prison at the same time.

Leaving Prison

Prisoners have a few options when it comes to getting out. Their first option is through the bail system, paying off their PP using credits, immediately releasing them from jail. Another bail terminal is available from the outside, and players may choose to pay the fee for a prisoner, releasing them from jail in the same way.

The second option for the prisoner is to lower their penalty points, decreasing the amount of ♥♥♥♥♥ they must pay to leave prison. For every second they are in jail, their penalty points will decrease a percentage, based on the amount of penalty points that they were arrested with. Once this reaches 10% of the starting value it will stop, and they will have to continue decreasing it manually. The manual process is the same as it now, requiring them to mine rocks and deposit them in a collector, which recycles them and gives the ♥♥♥♥♥ to the arresting faction. Once their PP reaches 0 they will be removed from the prison.

The third option is to escape the prison, either by sneaking past aliens (Necars only), or being broken out of the prison by allies. Once you escape, all of your penalty points will be wiped, and your items will be returned to you. Since leaving the prison is entirely optional, some players might want to wait until they can escape, rather than working off their penalty points or paying the arresting faction.