View Full Version : 12/23/2013 - Art: Environment Lighting

12-23-2013, 04:49 PM
This week's update is going to be a short one, but we will make up for it with some pretty pictures.

As many of you have experienced, the atmosphere in a game contributes heavily to how you feel when you play it. A horror game with pretty clean hallways and cheery music is hard to immerse yourself in, just as a Dystopian world without any dark areas is. As a contrast to its predecessor, the Fall of the Dominion milestone will be embracing the darkness of a cyberpunk world.

To better set the tone of the game, all of the worlds will be getting a bit darker. The dark areas of the game will see the least change, with the greatest difference being apparent in areas of the game that are very well lit. The brighter an area of the game is, the more obvious the change will be.

Before & After