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[DEV] Frost
12-16-2013, 11:49 AM
You are probably wondering what is going on here, with this out of place update and whatnot.. Well, essentially, Oblivious doesn't have an update on anything right now as he is in the middle of everything he has on his plate. Next Monday we will have a normal update for you, but to make up for today, here is a GIF of Xabin Style..


That said, let's get into what will be done with the forums!


Clean Slate

Well, first and foremost - we will be archiving the forums. Again. This is to allow for a clean slate as far as posts go. Currently, most of the forums are flooded with nonsense and other material that just doesn't fit. What I mean by this is that most posts get derailed, or trolled. While it can all be in good fun, typically we find ourselves infracting users who cannot comply with the forum rules.

A cleaner forum will be easier to moderate (as currently a lot of posts would just be deleted anyways) and it gives that "new" feeling for when we dive in to Fall of the Dominion. It will definitely help in attracting new members as they can see actual "quality posts" from those who are enjoying Fall of the Dominion.

General Forums

Really the only change to the General Forums is that we will re-introduce the "Player Help & Introductions" forum. This forum always allowed people to introduce themselves and make friends before even logging in and I believe it worked to benefit those players. It also allowed everyone to talk to other members of the community for help with an issue they may be having whether it's for FoTD or just help with something like parts for their computer.

Roleplay Forums

Everyone seems to enjoy their posts in the In-Character forums. You get the opportunity to express your character in-depth without the interaction. Seeing all of the posts that don't get derailed or taken OOC is certainly something that would attract a new player who is interested in that aspect of the game.

For the most part, roleplay forums will remain the same. With the exception of the removal of the Dominion Government forums. So we will have the PFF and the Character Stories areas.

I know we previously said we'd be strictly moderating the PFF when we initially put it up, but that didn't happen to the degree that we like. The extremities have been removed but there are a lot of posts that are just a wall of (( )) with no actual contribution to the thread. I will personally be sure this changes when we have the PFF for FoTDs launch.


Browsing the current forums, there are definitely things that should already be moderated out, though the policies have been lax due to the mass amount of incoming changes. This will not be the same come Fall of the Dominion. We will be constantly monitoring all forums and making sure that they are all in compliance with our forum rules and whatnot. The current infractions that we hand out are going to be revised. Some of them last far too long, and some of them don't have enough points considering the offense - so expect the changes there.

Some of you may be wondering if your infractions, past and present, will be going away. In short - yes. We will be wiping all infractions and forum bans in an attempt to give everyone another chance to enjoy the game and the forums. Keep in mind that we will not have any issue with removing someone from the forums, even for FoTD, should they abuse this knowledge.

New Forum

Alright! Here's the fun part!

We will be adding a forum to assist factions in recruiting members. We will more than likely make this forum within the next month or so. This gives you a chance to plan/advertise your faction to get to a decent amount of members.

I'm not quite sure if I want to make this something that you submit a form (as with FF requests and Staff Applications) and have it go into the forum for some sort of uniformity or not. You are all welcome to add your ideas on this.

Faction Forums

I've been asked this question probably about 20 times in the last 2 weeks or so. Will each faction get it's own forums?

Unfortunately, we cannot do this. It's not possible considering how factions will work in Fall of the Dominion. Anyone and everyone could run a faction if they had the funding and the skills necessary. I am sure everyone can find a solution in regards to internal faction communication though. From what I've seen, a lot of the factions are making their own websites and I'm certainly interested to see how they turn out.

We will try to work for a solution to this in the future so we don't have to outsource, but for now we don't have anything planned.

It should also be noted that we will provide forums for those who have purchased the legacy factions, should they wish to utilize our forums.

Forum Reputation

This has been broken due to an update in the VB software months and months ago. I have not had time to look into the issue as I do not have a test forum at my disposal to fix it in, yet.

All reputation will remain and even if you don't see it now, it's there.

The only thing is that Keltic will always have the most reputation.