View Full Version : 10/28/2013 - Territories: Item Storage

10-28-2013, 07:40 PM

Following the principle of risk v reward in Fall of the Dominion, storage can no longer be free as it provides a 100% secure means of possessing and transporting goods across the starmap. Like many other services that were once free, storage now must be rented weekly in blocks. Like all territories, the owner of the storage territories will be able to tax it and increase the rental/transport costs.



In one week intervals, users will be charged for optional storage space on worlds that do not feature transport storage exclusively. These units can be increased quite a bit at a cost. If a player fails to pay the upkeep of the storage, they will be given a week to get their fees for that cycle and the next. If they fail to do so, the items will be moved to the transport storage with a two day deletion timer, after which the items will be removed from the game. This gives the player adequate time to compensate. This check is only performed on login, and while redundant failures will cause immediate loss of storage on login, the two days won't begin until you log in and are notified of the loss in storage space.


Like travel, transporting items across the starmap requires respecting the vortex network, and traveling between the different buffer worlds to get to your final location. Every world has a transport storage, which items are temporarily held in after being sent from one world to another. If items are not moved off the world in time, they will be removed from the game.