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10-14-2013, 12:02 PM
Skill System

Diversification & Player Progression


Player Progression has always been a very interesting subject in ♥♥♥, as it's very much unlike any other game on the market. More importantly than any kind of mechanical progression, Face of Mankind is about the social interactions in the game world and the persona that each and every one of you create for yourselves. While this is part of why the game has such an awesome social environment, it's part of the reason for some of the mechanical shortcomings in the game. Ironically, that level of freedom limits players instead of liberating them.

That is the reason for one of the largest changes in Fall of the Dominion, the skill system. While the focus of the game is and always will be on player freedom and social interaction, the goal of the system is to encourage specialization and reward teamwork. It gives players more defined roles and direction depending on their individual desires. Through the skill system you're able to decide what type of player you want to be and how you would like to contribute to society. Thanks to this kind of specialization, you'll see an increased level of interaction as players rely on each other more.

Skill Training


One of the most important elements to skills is going to be how you earn them. It has to be something that does not involve any grinding at all, as any level of grinding immediately forces players into playing the game in a very specific way and stagnates creativity. For this reason, the decision was made to create an entirely passive skill system. Once a skill has been added to your character through the use of a skill book, you may add it to the queue and train its level. The top skill in your queue will progress, leveling once the timer has hit 0. Each level has a varied effect (visible in the first screenshot).

Skill Books


To gain a skill, the player has to purchase and use a skill book. To use the skill book they must have the required prerequisite skills, creating a kind of tree in some cases. While virtually every skill book will be available in the galaxy, they will cycle between the different "skill Book Market" territories of the galaxy. Players who own these territories can tax them, manipulating the costs of the skill books.

Skills + Combat

The biggest question that I am sure will arise from this update is "how does this effect combat?" In the long term, the answer is that it doesn't. Skills themselves don't change any values that directly impact combat. What they do change however, is the gear that you are able to take into combat. This is preferable over just having values in the skills because it keeps death as a universal equalizer. While some players might have access to slightly better equipment, the likelihood that they will use it in every single situation is decreased by the cost and risk. Instead, the highest classes of gear will only be used in the rarest of circumstances, with the mid-range gear being the most used.

The skills themselves only give players the ability to equip and use the items, rather than give them any kind of advantage for doing so. This means combatants that are looking for the greatest edge will have to invest their time into preferable armor and weapon skills, forcing them to rely on other players for hacking and the various stages of the production process. These interactions will only serve to make the game more interesting, and further drive the core values necessary for the game to truly entertaining.