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10-07-2013, 10:16 AM
Aliens and YOU

Aliens have always been a touchy subject for ♥♥♥ players. While I felt they were important to keep, I knew that a few things needed to be resolved before they could be fully enjoyable. Not only will aliens in Fall of the Dominion be smarter, but they will be more player-driven, giving more control of the in-game content to the players.

Artificial Intelligence

Aliens that get stuck in walls and fall through the floor are hardly intimidating. For aliens to ever make any kind of meaningful gameplay, they will have to be smarter. For one, this means having better pathfinding. Aliens will now be able to navigate the world safely without glitching into walls. In addition to this, they will be given the ability to reproduce and age, starting as eggs and growing to large sizes. If left unchecked for too long, this means that an alien army could potential take over an entire world, and require immediate action from the players. While this will not occur very often, the potential is quite interesting.


The other important aspect of the aliens is that they need to be player-driven. By that, I mean players should be able to use them as tools of war and chaos, influencing where they spread and how they live. Alien eggs can be stolen from Necars Field, or crafted using advanced alien components. These alien eggs can then be placed anywhere in the game world and will hatch some time after being placed. While these aliens will still attack those that placed them, they can be used for a type of "biological warfare." Turrets can damage them however, and their AI will avoid attackers that they cannot retaliate against.


Aliens will need to be balanced in such a way that they are no longer these impossible to kill machines that maul swarms of people instantaneously. Movement and damage will be fixed so that the large tanky aliens don't instantly AoE kill without any chance for success. Great care is being taken to make sure that the aliens are difficult to fight at times, but diverse enough to offer a range of gameplay experiences. We've got some very cool ideas about this, such as using narrow hallways to avoid aliens, and other interesting ways to use the world as escape. While this may not be the most important aspect of the game, it is an interesting element that will make Necars and its prison more difficult to raid. It allows us to place the rarest minerals there as well, safely protected by alien swarms.