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09-23-2013, 12:14 PM

While mechanical augmentations have always existed in the form of implants, Fall of the Dominion includes a new aspect of player enhancement which is invisible to the naked eye. These "nanomachine augmentations" are installed at a medical terminal, and once installed, will provide a static boost to some aspect of your character. I'll go into detail on the two types of augmentations we have to offer, which should create a clear picture of what we aim to do.

Installing Augmentations


One of the big differences with augmentations in Fall of the Dominion is the requirement that they be installed at a Medical Service Terminal. Players will place them into the interface, and upon paying a fee, the augmentation will be inserted into the correct slot. Removing augmentations also requires revisiting the terminal, as they are the only item in the game that does not drop on death. For this reason however, they will also be some of the most expensive items. After installation, all augmentations are visible in the character sheet.

Mechanical Augmentations

In Fall of the Dominion, the Implants of old have been renamed mechanical augmentations. With this though, also comes a desire to address the issues that previously plagued them, and the lack of balance between utility and combat necessity. For this reason, all utility augmentations will have a significantly decreased cost and bioenergy drain. In addition to this, users are now able to activate multiple augmentations at once. Overall we feel like this will create a more dynamic experience that will increase the usefulness of augmentations, without making them the only way to fight.

Nanomachine Augmentations


Visible in the bottom left of the character sheet, nanomachine augmentations are passive changes to your character that require no activation to be used. The best comparison that could be made to their function is of utility and as a long-term booster. Like mechanical augmentations however, these can only be managed from a Medical Service Terminal, which means great thought should be put into what augmentations you want to use at any given time. While mechanical augmentations have durability that decreases through combat, nanomachine augmentations will be lost after a certain number of deaths. The augmentation shown here is the lowest tier secured lootpack, which provides enhanced security to your lootpack on death.