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09-09-2013, 10:26 AM
Mission System

At its core, the mission system, like the faction system, is designed to be a tool which allows players to manifest their creativity and desires. Over the years, this has evolved from one system to another, some favoring mechanical goals, while others favored player imagination. The one element that has never changed however is the goal of player organization, which we feel is what makes the system so unique. It allows players to create focused periods of time where they collectively work to achieve something.

Fall of the Dominion is all about creating more goals and features within the game, which the players can chase after and fight over. The mission system then should focus on making this as easy as possible, without all of the restrictions that used to exist. Missions themselves are not as important as what they aim to achieve, and they aren't necessary to complete most tasks. They must simply allow players to set a goal, set a payment, and get to achieving it.

The Interface


Every mission is comprised of a few simple variables which let everyone know what is going on. The title will let people identify the mission quickly in a list, while the description will give an expanded overview of what the mission aims to achieve.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new mission system is its detachment from the faction system. Missions may now be created by individuals, who can (based on rank permission), decide whether their faction will pay for it, or them. On top of that, players are able to decide whether or not they want to allow members not in their faction to join, utilizing a list of "allowed factions" to grant entry. Anyone that is allowed will see the mission when searching and can join it. Optionally, you can choose not to add any factions to the list, effectively making your mission invitation only.


The Log


Every mission includes an extensive log which will track the actions of each member and the mission as a whole. This log will allow leaders to review the members of the mission and make sure that everyone is contributing. With the possibility of faction death due to insufficient funds, leaders will need to keep a tight control over how their ♥♥♥♥♥ is being spent. They should take care to make sure no one is running illegitimate missions.

Searching For Missions


Based on your faction, you will see a list of missions that can be joined. Once you join a mission, you will instantly be able to view the interface and everyone else in the mission. If the leader kicks you however, you will not be able to join back unless you are manually invited.

Mission Review


Upon completion, the mission log will be inserted into the review queue, where it will wait for review by relevant individuals. If the mission was paid for by a player, they will review the mission and decide whether or not they want to pay the participants of the mission. If the mission was paid for by a faction, those with the correct faction permission may choose to approve the mission, if the goals were met and the reward was allowed to be given out.


Ultimately the system itself is seemingly simple, but this simplicity allows for a large amount of complexity created by players. Missions can be used for contracts, meetings, raids, parties, and even painting classes. It exists to give players a platform for absolutely anything they can come up with.