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Faction System

At the core of Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion lies the most freeform and open faction system the game has ever seen. Absolute control has been put in the hands of the players with this incarnation and we have spared no expense to guarantee the most customization yet. In this update we will be going over all of the features that factions have to offer, which should hopefully give you a taste of what is to come!

Creating A Faction


The first step that every young faction leader must take is creation. While the barrier to creation may be low, the barrier to success is high. All one must do to create a faction is enter the name and an optional description. Once this step is complete, something called a "pending" faction will be created.

Pending Factions


While a faction is in this state, none of the members are recognizable as a faction member and all of the advanced configuration options are disabled. Factions in this state will be automatically deleted after a week or two, so it is imperative that you gain the members necessary to create a fully fledged faction. Once you have the required numbers, you will be able to found the faction and begin your adventure!

Faction Overview


The first page that you will see is the faction overview tab. This is a quick overview of some basic information relating to your faction and is your gateway to faction management. From here you can edit your emblem, message, relations, and view information on ownership and finances.

Emblem Editor


Every faction is given a series of components which they may use to identify their faction. These emblems will be shown in many interfaces and locations throughout the game and will become easily associated with your faction. Leaders are given a number of interesting settings and components to make it look the way they want. Right now there are no components other than circles, and all of the circles there will be replaced with real components. You just click the component you want and add it, where you can adjust the layer, rotation, color, position, and scale. Once you are done you will be charged a fee (if there is one) and it will be applied to your faction universally.



Politics and diplomacy are an integral part to surviving as a faction. A system however must also exist which eases faction leaders and gives them a simple way to tell the game their intention towards another faction. Leaders add factions to this list and are able to set a relation. For example, you must set them to enemies to go to war and allies to work together in a takeover. By default, every faction in the game is neutral to every other faction in the game.



There are two ways for a faction to gain more members. The first is through a system of invitations. Leaders are able to file queued invitations, which users without a faction can see in their invitation list. Here they can choose to accept or deny it, which will either add them to the faction or mark it as denied in the faction list. If an invitation is denied, it will linger until the timeout, after which they can be invited again.



The second method for joining a faction is through applications. Once a faction has enabled applications, it will be added to the list of factions which are looking for members. Players without factions may look through this list and file applications, which the leaders may then review and accept or deny.




If a faction leader does not want any more applications from someone, they may optionally blacklist them from the faction. This will prevent them from being invited or applying to the faction until the entry is lifted.

Fund Accounts


Managing a faction's funds is an important part of keeping a faction successful. The leader must be able to allocate their funds to different things and keep track of where they are financially. Through the use of these special "fund accounts," they will be able to do just that. Faction capital can be distributed to any of these accounts, from which they may be transferred to another faction, account, or player. Special system accounts can be used as well, which are automatically deducted from by the game. In the event that there are not enough funds in a system account, it will automatically default to the faction capital.



For faction leaders to run an effective organization, they need to be able to convey their goals and direction to the members simply and easily. The goal system will provide this, while also giving some way for leaders to flag desired actions mechanically. For instance, a special goal will be necessary for a territorial takeover, while the rest will mostly just be used for guidance. Creating and deleting goals is very simple.



Another important aspect of faction development is the ability to track activity within it. Leaders need to be able to moderate their leadership, and so an event will be created for many administrative actions and faction changes. This will be a central point of accountability for all leadership in a faction.



In addition to the event log, it is important that a faction leader is able to easily see where their ♥♥♥♥♥ is coming and going. Balancing the faction's checkbook will be paramount to maintaining an effective force, so we have created a transaction log that will record all income and expenses for a faction per day. They are able to set the filters visible in the screenshot, which will give them a good amount of search control when finding expenses.



Identifying what each member's role within a faction is can be quite important. Different members will need different access permissions, and a linear system of promotion isn't very effective in this regard. Leaders will be able to define up to 30 unique ranks, each with their own name and set of permissions. These ranks are then visible in many places, as an identifying feature of the player in question.

Member Payments


Three methods of player payment exist within Fall of the Dominion. The first, is the ability to pay out ♥♥♥♥♥ to members on a per-rank basis. Desired ranks are selected using a list, and then a payout can be delivered to every single player at that rank. The second option pictured is the ability to change the payout factor. This payout factor will allow factions to utilize 'faction credits.' These credits work exactly like they do in the current incarnation.

Factions can earn faction credits from missions, which will be added up at the end of every day. Each member's share in the total credits represents their share in the daily payout, set by the payout factor. The payout is the profit of the day times the payout factor. This might be useful in a corporation, or a faction that doesn't want to pay out more ♥♥♥♥♥ than it brings in. The third method not pictured, is the ability to directly reward players for their efforts. We will mention in this update that missions can reward either UC or FC, so there's even more control with that in consideration to missions.

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Keeping track of members of interest has always been an integral part of the Face of Mankind experience. Fall of the Dominion is no different, albeit with a few changes. The warrant system in FoTD will allow factions to mark different people down using a three character identifier, a color, and a reason. This list is visible in the faction manager, but the tags will not show up on other players in the game.



The last tab of the faction manager is also one of the most important. Every faction is able to unlock a series of perks, which define specific benefits for different things within the game world. The longer a faction is around, the more points it has to allocate towards specific perks. These perks will provide small benefits to veteran factions, rewarding factions that are able to persist and stay alive as the game progresses. The perk shown here is only an example, and the numbers entered should not be taken as a direct example of what will be in the final product.

Upkeep and Death

Factions in Fall of the Dominion have one integral difference in them that can result in the death of the faction. Each in-game month there are a series of upkeep costs applied to a faction. These costs are calculated based on the number of players and the income of the faction, which will prevent very small factions from surviving if they don't do anything within the game world to pay for the fees.

Tying in with the economic balancing factor of the territories, it will also prevent a faction from growing so large that it can never be beaten by anyone and takes over the game world. A faction of that size will have a large number of upkeep costs, which in turn will cause the faction to die very quickly.

When a faction dies, it will be set to pending and be given a time to find the funds to pay for the upkeep costs. The costs however are calculated throughout the month, and will not decrease if you simply lower your player count before the end of the cycle. If you cannot afford to keep your faction afloat, you must decrease spending and lower the number of people in your faction.

If a faction fails to pay the costs and stays pending for the standard disband time, the faction will be deleted. All items will be given to the owner and the rest of the assets will be liquidated and given to the owner as well. At that time, all perks and the faction will be deleted and the members will have to start over with a new faction.


The faction system of Fall of the Dominion is based upon the successes and failures of every faction/department system before it. It is designed to allow players the freedom and control they need, while ensuring the direction and goals of the game can be achieved using them as a tool. We hope that this system will be sufficient, and look forward to seeing how it all plays out.